PANZERI: We make light 70 years

News   PANZERI: We make light 70 years

PANZERI: We make light 70 years

PROLIGHT has now exclusively undertaken the exclusive representation of the famous Italian Panzeri Lighting one of the oldest and most historic lighting companies both for Greece and Cyprus. On this occasion, both companies organized their first official presentation in Greece, starting from the city of Thessaloniki.

Federico Panzeri, owner and third generation of this historic firm, making a brief overview of his past history since 1947, referred to the philosophy of all three generations regarding the continuous qualitative development over the years. Nowadays, in the factory's own premises on the outskirts of Monza, vertical production with state-of-the-art machines creates products of impeccable industrial precision in innovative design, but can also incorporate handmade finishes of traditional techniques, such as gold, copper or silver and crystals of the famous Murano craftsmen.

"Quality, tradition and innovation - with respect to the environment - are the core values, on which Panzeri's development is nowadays one of the first brands in the field of lighting and honors the" Made in Italy "internationally" concludes Mr. Panzeri



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