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Α. General
1. The present general terms are valid and binding for every user who browses the website and its parts that are uploaded on the Internet under the domain name "www.prolight.gr" as well as in every other website that has been uploaded in a secondary domain (subdomain).  
2. Browsing this page and using any information or services this page contains, constitutes an unconditional acceptance of the present terms, which are available with no restrictions to all users to read and study them, at a part of the web page where, according to the average person's perception and experience, are usually situated, that is at the footer of the web page, via the hyperlink “http://www.prolight.gr/terms/”, under the title "Terms of Use".  
3. The present web page is the area for the presentation promotion and products listing of the wholesaler and retailer lighting company named “PROTEK SA”, brand name “PROLIGHT”, as it contains information about the corporate profile, company’s structure, portfolio, clientele and product catalogs.
B. Processing and Protecting Personal Data        
1. The website does not collect personal data of the users other than anonymous statistical data or visited URLs. 
2. The website is technically capable of logging IP addresses of visitors; since there is no profile creation option an IP address cannot be related to any personal data or profile data or otherwise and may only be used to protect the technical integrity of the website from misuse of its systems and services such as DoS attacks or DdoS attacks and other variations. 
3. Cookies and the interaction with each user may be adjusted by software restrictions of the browsing software of each user or by using the native cookies selector of the website @ http://www.prolight.gr/cookies/. 
4. The website does not contain any other software that engages the user in any way and is a passive medium regarding the processing of user data, limited to cookies and mere IP addresses that cannot be combined in order to identify a user as a person.
5. At any case the company complies with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (GDPR) and any personal data process that could take place within the frame of browsing the website is regulated by said Regulation.
C. Appropriate Use of the Software of the Website 
1. For browsing the website, the user undertakes the obligation to use its services according to good faith and the netiquette, while interacting with the software engine not to attempt to acquire illegal access to the backend - server that supports and hosts the website, not to create artificial traffic to the server and, in general, not to act in a way that could result the website going offline, or distort its response time, or its browsing speed, or its interaction with its database, either through the worldwide web (www) or by sending messages of electronic correspondence (emails), or by any way that could causally achieve or risk to achieve the same result.
2. The website and its content are provided "as is" and the company undertakes no obligation or responsibility, nor guarantees in total about: a) the accuracy, quality, completeness and validity of its content as a whole, b) any content that might come from third parties and is rendered automatically in it, or referers to other websites (hyperlinks), c) that the website is provided through a server, free of viruses, malware or other similar applications. 
3. The user and every user of the website undertake the obligation to take all measures to protect themselves from viruses, malware or other similar applications. The hyperlinks that refer to other websites (external) are provided only and exclusively to facilitate the users.  Any citation of a hyperlink does not mean that the Seller supports, or recognizes or accepts the content of the websites to which the hyperlinks refer. The Seller undertakes no responsibility regarding any type of damage that might occur to any  user, directly or indirectly, which damage could possible by related to the use and retrieval of the website’s content.
4. Without excluding the legitimate uses of the website’s content, it is not permitted to store permanently in a storage medium, to print or reproduce at any way and in any medium, the total or part or layout of the e-Shop for scopes other than its reasonably expected legitimate use. 
D. Industrial and Intellectual Property
1. Logos and trademarks that are uploaded on the website, either via the Product images or in any other section of the present website, constitute Industrial and Intellectual Property of the company or other respected third parties, affiliates, clients, manufacturers or partners of the company.  
2. Any downloading - exporting of images from the website, either concerning Products, or structural graphics constituting the user interface of the website, is strictly prohibited without the written consent of the company. 
3. Over the texts and photographs that are posted on and embodied in the e-Shop, the company as their sole creator or exclusive proprietor or license holder, possesses the  appropriate intellectual property rights (moral or/and economic) according to the provisions of applicable laws and regulations. 
4. Reproduction of the texts on the Internet or on another document, either in total or partially, is permitted without the written consent of the enterprise, exclusively for non-commercial purposes, direct or indirect, without any interference or alteration of the content of each text and with the obligation of reference to the source, i.e. the website "www.prolight.gr". Any other use of these texts is permitted only with a special written consent of the company.
5. Third party trademarks, logos, designs and all kinds and types of industrial and intellectual property rights that do not belong to the company, are solely reproduced herein for the approved purposes of informing the users about the operations of the company and the latter is licensed by such third parties for such scope.   
E. Final Provisions
1. The present terms are effective towards the users "as they are". The declaration of will of the user to the company through which the present terms are accepted, constitutes of the browsing procedure (browse wrap) as such. Partial acceptance or acceptance with reservation of rights is not permitted or technically possible, less cookies settings.  
2. Refusal of acceptance of the present terms entails the users' obligation to stop any use of it (browsing – navigating). 
3. The present terms are exclusively governed by Greek Law. Any dispute that shall accrue due to the interaction with the web site and within the frame of the present terms shall be solved amicable through mediation, according to the effective national laws. At the case that the above ADR procedure fails, the Courts of Athens shall have the exclusive jurisdiction to rule and resolve the dispute.
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