Architectural & Static Study: METE SYSM

Lighting Design & Suppliers: PROLIGHT

E/M installation studies : KONSTANT GROUP INC

Contractor: TEDRA CO

Photography: Alessandro Kikinias, Giorgos Psathogiannakis

PROLIGHT wins the SILVER Award in Lighting Design Category (HoReCa) at the Ιnteriors Awards 2023 for the lighting of the PROTYPO DIALYSIS CENTER in Patra

The lighting of this specific project posed a unique challenge for the PROLIGHT design team as they had to reconcile multiple requirements and needs: economic, technical, temporal, and design-related, without compromising the quality of the lighting. The initial brief from the Technical Chamber of Greece (KτΕ) and the architectural team requested lighting that would convey a sense of cleanliness and professionalism without being perceived as "cold" or "clinical." The atmosphere needed to be welcoming and relaxing while also exuding a touch of formality, aligning with the characteristic branding of the company that had been implemented in the recently constructed group centers.In the treatment areas, the lighting above the patient area consists of perimeter indirect illumination to create a visually comfortable and relaxing environment. The perimeter of the space, where the medical staff's workstations are located, is illuminated by a continuous linear direct lighting system, providing appropriate intensity. The corridors feature indirect and linear lighting, while the offices are dominated by suspended luminaires that provide direct/indirect illumination with micro-prismatic diffusers (UGR<19) for maximum visual comfort and excellent task lighting.All lighting fixtures in all spaces are DALI dimmable, as adjusting the intensity was deemed necessary for creating a relaxing environment for frequently stressed patients. Warm white 3000K LED lighting was chosen instead of the commonly used cool white 4000K in healthcare service facilities to create a warmer and more intimate atmosphere. All spaces were photometrically analyzed using specialized software to optimize the solutions in terms of intensity hierarchy and cost-effectiveness (investment, operation, and maintenance). Externally, the building features characteristic linear lighting elements, either through continuous LED profiles or by emphasizing linear sunshades and shading meshes. When illuminated at night, these elements not only contribute to the building's identity for passersby, aligning with the group's branding, but also provide a particularly pleasant lighting experience for visitors inside.


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